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Many residential homeowners only stop to consider the heating and cooling aspects of an HVAC system. But the truth is, an effective one make sure that air cycles regularly throughout your building or home. Therefore, it’s not just air being blown out of vents, it’s also a huge benefit to have the return ducts suck the air back in along with debris such as dirt and dust so that it can be filtered out of the atmosphere. However, that dirt and dust will pile up inside your air handling system, and there is a danger that it can be recycled back into circulation if not properly removed. A filter simply cannot do it all.

With dirty return vents, the risk of contamination is excessively high, making your ventilation system an enemy rather than a friend. This can be easily avoided. You could do the cleaning yourself, but because those areas are extremely hard to reach, your best bet is to hire a professional with all of the necessary equipment. Their technicians can open your return vents and thoroughly vacuum them. They also need to be wiped down, and left in a pristine state so that you’re not recirculating poor quality air.

One of the things we don’t like to discuss when we think of air handling is the possibility that mold develops. Spores can remain hidden inside your air handlers unseen for long periods of time. They grow and grow and continue to contribute harmful irritants to the air that passes by them. Family members can experience asthma and other related allergies, or at least those symptoms, because of the exposure. But professionals have family-friendly chemical agents that can attack any mold which has developed, killing it and returning safely to the home. High-quality formulations can actually leave a layer on those services that can retard mold growth into the future.

Why is cleaning essential?

As we mentioned above, most individuals don’t thoroughly understand how air impacts daily living. For that matter, HVAC systems simply seem like ways to return temperatures to more moderate levels. But if your family experiences things like sneezing, itchiness, dry skin, allergy or asthma-related symptoms might be an indication that some form of mold or mildew has begun to form within your air ducts themselves. And not all mold is made the same. Some old is just an irritant, but exposure to certain types over long periods of time can result in even more significant medical issues. Your best bet is to put a professional on your regular maintenance schedule. Our friends who told us about these issues perform air duct cleaning in Marlborough MA regularly.

Not only can they zap your mold and spiff up your dingy air ducts, but they can address any physical blockages that might develop during routine use. These can restrict airflow and cause your system to operate with much less efficiency.