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No matter how great a game looks, if the monitor can’t display in clear resolution, the game won’t look very good. The kind of monitor a gamer buys for their gaming setup can make a huge difference in not only how their game looks but how well they play.

Before buying a monitor for their PC or to hook up to a console, gamers should know a few things about buying monitors.

The best gaming monitor will have a lightning fast response time, crystal clear resolution, motion blur reduction and it won’t hurt the gamer’s eyes after many hours of play. These are all features that may be difficult to figure out just by looking at a box. The monitor’s display box may detail a lot of specs that consumers don’t really understand. They may not know what resolution makes the best gaming monitor or provides the clearest picture. They may not understand which of the specs relates to lag time.

These are all things they can find out by looking at an in-depth review on the best gaming monitors, such as on sites like best gaming monitor. Reviews like this give consumers the information they need to pic out the best monitor for their gaming requirements.

Not everyone needs to spring for the most expensive monitor available or the one with the most powerful specs and biggest feature lists. Sometimes, the gamer just plays casually and just wants something that looks good for single player games and the occasional movie. They won’t need blistering fast reaction time, motion blur reduction and other expensive features that a competitive gamer will require.

The more competitive gamer will want to look for more detailed features, however, as they need every edge they can get to give them an advantage over the people they play against. A lot of their success in gaming will come down to their skill and how often they play, but part of it also comes from the kind of monitor they use. A competitive gamer might be surprised at how much of an edge a good monitor can provide them in a heated online battle.

The best gaming monitor is one that is specifically made for gaming, such as Dell’s Gaming S2716DG or the Acer Predator XB271HU. These come with built in features that are specifically designed for gaming. They are some of the best ton the market today, and others like them are detailed in reviews like the one mentioned above. Consumers should read professional reviews on gaming monitors before they purchase them so that they get the best value for their budget and the most suitable monitor for their needs.